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2021 The 125th year of Izolyator

The history of the high-voltage bushing technology in Russia is inextricably linked with the Izolyator plant. The plant was founded on 6 June 1896 on the outskirts of Moscow in the village of Vsekhsvyatskoe.

Today, Izolyator is a world leader in the development and production of high-voltage bushings in the 12 to 1200 kV voltage range.

The company consists of Izolyator production complex with an area of over 24 thousand sq. m., Izolyator-AKS 126–550 kV cable accessories plant, own R&D center, SVN-Service center, high-voltage electrical equipment test center and the Massa Izolyator Mehru Pvt. Ltd. a Russian-Indian Joint Venture set up for the production of high-voltage bushings with modern RIP-insulation on the territory of India.

The historical annals of the enterprise include the names of more than 100 labor dynasties, many of which work at the plant to this day.

‘Centuries-old traditions — state-of-the-art technologies’ — these words have become the motto for those who work at the enterprise, which is rightfully considered the world leader in the development and production of high-voltage bushings.

Congratulations to Izolyator Company

Vasily Osmakov

First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

I would like to congratulate you on the big date — the 125th anniversary of the enterprise.

Founded in 1896, the Izolyator plant began to produce products that are truly important for the energy industry and engage in providing the country's population with the necessary electricity. At the beginning of Great Patriotic War, many of the plant's employees were forced to go to the front, the company had to be moved and new specialists were recruited to resume production. Even under such circumstances, the plant was able not only to return to the previous level of production capacity, but also to increase the volume of supplied products, which was especially valuable for the evacuated industry.

Today, Izolyator has in its arsenal technological products that meet all international quality standards, which are in demand both at domestic and foreign facilities of the power complex, which confirms Izolyator's reputation as a reliable manufacturer.

Keeping loyalty to traditions, Izolyator plant conducts active research and development activities and annually presents new and unique solutions and projects in the field of high-voltage bushings. Such significant achievements include the opening of a joint Russian-Indian production in 2018.

Special attention should be paid to the employees of the company, who, over the years of their work, have confirmed their professionalism and commitment. I have no doubt that their experience will play a significant role in the effective implementation of future projects and the achievement of the desired results.

With all my heart I wish you good health and professional success!


Evgeny Grabchak

Deputy Minister of Energy of Russian Federation

Congratulations to the Izolyator team on an anniversary occasion — the 125th anniversary of the founding of the enterprise!

Throughout its history, Izolyator plant has been one of the backbone enterprises that predetermine the technical level and development prospects of the country's electric power industry. So, in the 20s of the last century, the plant was listed as one of the core enterprises for the implementation of the State plan for the electrification of Russia. During the Great Patriotic War, the plant delivered its products to power plants in the eastern regions of the country, as well as reconstructed power systems in the liberated territories. In the post-war years, the country's electric power industry developed, voltage classes grew higher, and with them the plant grew and developed.

Today, like past decades, Izolyator maintains and strengthens its leading positions in the development and production of advanced high-voltage insulating equipment both in Russia and on the global electrical market.

The combination of centuries of experience and an innovative approach, continuous improvement and implementation of the latest production technologies, highly qualified personnel and effective management allow the company today to make a significant contribution to the creation of the image of the energy sector not only of the present, but also of the future.

I wish the entire staff of Izolyator plant further successful development, new large-scale projects and professional achievements, good health and happiness!


Andrey Murov

Chairman of the Russian National Committee of CIGRE

I congratulate you and all staff members on the 125th anniversary of Izolyator plant.

The company has a long history filled with important events. The plant took part in the implementation of the GOELRO plan, worked for defense needs during the Great Patriotic War, participated in large-scale energy projects both in our country and abroad.

Today, Izolyator plant is among the leaders in the industry thanks to the accumulated experience, strong production base, and professional team.

It is very important that the company is continuously developing and mastering the production of innovative products that are in demand by the Rosseti Group and the market. I would also like to note the significant contribution of Izolyator plant to the expansion of international scientific and technical cooperation, including active work under the auspices of the Russian National Committee of CIGRE.

I wish you continued growth and large-scale projects, and I wish every employee good health and success!


Gennady Kovtun

First Deputy CEO – Chief Engineer at the branch of Rosseti FGC UES – MPS South

Please accept my sincere congratulations on the 125th anniversary of your Company!

You are celebrating your anniversary with a stable, developing high-tech organization.

Izolyator is our reliable business partner, together with whom we solve the problems of improving the reliability and efficiency of equipment at power facilities in the South of Russia, aimed at a stable and reliable power supply to consumers.

Thanks to your work, we were able to obtain modern high-voltage equipment. For many years, high-voltage bushings with RIP-insulation have been successfully used at the power facilities of the branch of Rosseti FGC UES — Main power systems of the South. This fully allows us, the representatives of the backbone lines complex, to successfully carry out operational maintenance of equipment, to increase the sustainable operation of power facilities.

Your company can rightfully be proud of its history, achievements and innovations, rich professional experience.

We wish you to retain and preserve traditions, maintain the status of the company as an efficiently developing organization and not be satisfied with what has already been achieved.

We wish the Izolyator staff health, peace, kindness, prosperity, and achievement of high results in professional activity.


Mikhail Puzikov

First Deputy Director, Chief Engineer
Branch of IDGC of the North-West PJSC

I sincerely congratulate you and the entire staff of Zavod Izolyator LLC on the 125th anniversary!

Thousands of kilometers of power transmission lines from Vorkuta to Murashi, hundreds of substations - and products of your plant serving at every power facility. It is pleasant to realize that over the years of our cooperation, our relations have become not only strong and business-like, we have something more in common — a feeling based on trust and the test of time. We constantly feel the shoulder of not only a friend, but also a reliable partner.

You have created an excellent team of like-minded people capable of solving any tasks assigned to them.

I wish you to maintain a strong and professional team, increase the volumes of delivery and improve the quality of work!

Let your work bring only joy, and the result — a feeling of great satisfaction. Let your houses be filled with warmth and light!

Inexhaustible energy, long life, confidence in the future!


Anatoly Kushnerov

Acting Deputy General Director — Director of the Murmansk branch of Rosseti North-West

On behalf of the staff of the Murmansk branch of Rosseti North-West, I would like to congratulate you and the entire staff on the 125th anniversary of Izolyator!

Today, such enterprises as Izolyator plant, without exaggeration, form the basis of Russia's energy production. The recognized quality of your high-voltage bushings, their competitiveness, effectively contribute to the import substitution of power equipment, the development and strengthening of the domestic power industry.

I wish all Izolyator workers prosperity, optimism, good mood, and the accomplishment of all plans and hopes! Be healthy and happy!


Kirill Lunin


We sincerely congratulate the Izolyator team on a remarkable anniversary - the 125th anniversary of the founding of the enterprise!

Anniversary days are a special time for all of you, the plant’s employees. On such days, more than a century-old path of the company can be clearly traced and one can appreciate the conquered peaks and reflect on the future.

The plant began its history with the production of low-voltage porcelain insulators for telegraph, telephone lines and for the needs of the railway.

The formation of the company took place during the years of intensive development of the domestic power sector. In order to implement the GOELRO plan, the plant mastered the production of suspension insulators and significantly increased their output.

The plant played an important role during wartime and during the period of power sector recovery.

Maintaining its course of continuous development, now Izolyator is a backbone enterprise, manufactures products using the most promising world technologies, while constantly increasing production volumes.

The company's achievements are known not only on the Russian, but also on the international level. The plant is the only one in Russia capable of developing, producing and testing ultra-high voltage bushings.

Of course, such results can only be achieved with the help of a responsible, hardworking team, competent leadership and a focus on continuous improvement.

May the company be accompanied by good luck for many years. We wish you, dear colleagues, to continue the path of professional achievements, and warmth and prosperity to your families!


Victor Larioshkin

General Director of Bashkir Generation Company (BGC)

I sincerely congratulate you, the entire staff and veterans of Izolyator on an important date - the 125th anniversary of the plant!

The importance of your company can hardly be overestimated for the power industry throughout the country. Founded back in 1896, Izolyator quickly achieved success in the production of porcelain insulators, and during the years of the GOELRO plan, it successfully coped with the most difficult tasks, increasing production volumes and mastering the output of modern products.

A separate, special milestone in the history of the company is the activity of the plant in the hardest years of the Great Patriotic War. Veterans of the enterprise truly became one of those who forged the

Great Victory in the rear and contributed to the defeat of the Nazi regime. This arouses great reverence and endless respect.

We can say with confidence that thanks to the accumulated experience, competent management, unique technologies and a close-knit team, Izolyator is a recognized leader in Russia in the development, production and service support of modern high-voltage bushings of all voltage classes.

The products of your plant in Bashkortostan are widely known. Long-term trouble-free operation of high-voltage bushings of transformers and wall bushings of Izolyator in switchgears of power plants of the Bashkir generating company has become synonymous to high reliability and quality. I am confident that our close and productive cooperation for the benefit of the energy sector of the region and its inhabitants will continue.

I wish Izolyator new horizons of development - every year to build up its power and keep its course!

Good health, optimism and confidence in the future to you, your colleagues and veterans of the enterprise! Good luck in your work, well-being and prosperity!


Pavel Lavrentyev

Acting Deputy General Director – Branch Director of Leningradskaya Nuclear Power Station

The staff of the Leningrad NPP congratulates you and the entire staff of Zavod Izolyator LLC on the 125th anniversary.

Your rich experience and unique competencies in the development and production of high-voltage bushings have no analogues in domestic electrical engineering and allow you to provide both Russian and foreign enterprises with high-quality and high-tech products.

The products of your plant - high-voltage bushings, supplied to the Leningrad NPP for many years, feature reliability, a long period of trouble-free operation and have significant competitive advantages over imported counterparts, which is especially important now, in the context of the development of the import substitution trend.

The specialists of the Leningrad NPP, who have repeatedly visited your company, noted the high culture of production, warm and trusting relations with partners and a warm welcome. All issues arising in the process of cooperation were resolved as quickly as possible and taking into account the unconditional priority of the customer's interests.

We look forward to further fruitful cooperation. We wish you: to move only forward, reaching ever new heights and technical perfection; reliable partners and grateful clients; health and confidence in the future for the whole team, as well as success in the implementation of new ideas and projects.


Sodikdzhon Bobozoda

First Deputy Director of Tajikenergosnab SCMPO

On behalf of the entire staff of Tajikenergosnab SCMPO of the Republic of Tajikistan and personally on my own, I congratulate the enterprise on a notable Jubilee from the day of its foundation. We appreciate the huge contribution that your company makes to the development of the entire energy industry of the CIS countries and our Republic, and we wish it to succeed even more in this needed and promising activity.

I ask you to pass on this congratulation to all employees of the enterprise.


Alexey Kishko

CEO of SVEL Group

Please accept our congratulations on the Anniversary of Izolyator.

Huge experience, high efficiency, desire to move forward, perseverance and persistence in achieving goals favorably distinguish you and your team among our partners.

Thank you for your long-term cooperation, we wish you prosperity and new accomplishments!

May your work bring you joy and professional satisfaction, may there always be opportunities for the implementation of any, even the most ambitious projects!


Vladimir Kalaushchenko


On behalf of UETM JSC and Elmash LLC (UETM), I congratulate the staff of Zavod Izolyator LLC on its 125th anniversary!

You are a reliable supplier, whose quality mark has been confirmed by ten years of successful collaboration.

As the main supplier of high-voltage bushings, you fully cover the company's need for a range of equipment, ensuring high product reliability and prompt delivery.

We wish the staff of Izolyator plant well-being, health and professional success! And for the company - prosperity, long years of successful activity, inexhaustible customer trust, authority and stable position in the market!


Victor Turkot

Technical Director NPP Diatrans LLC

My sincere congratulations to your company on the anniversary!

In Russia, there are but few manufacturing enterprises with a century-old history that managed to survive the dashing 90s and retain leadership in their field.

Izolyator plant is currently a truly modern, high-tech enterprise with unique experience in high-voltage bushing technology. We have been cooperating for over 20 years and we are proud to have contributed to projects of the development of new technological and testing equipment for your enterprise.

  • 2000 – delivery of the test complex for measuring the tangent of the loss angle and specific volumetric electrical resistance of transformer oils.
  • 2008 – development and manufacture of a batch of connection devices for power take-off from the penultimate lining of the GKTPIII-90-220 / 4500 O1 and GKTPIII-90-150 / 2500 O1 bushings (order from TBEA Transformer GROUP Co. Ltd., China).
  • 2014, 2016 – supply of digital AC bridges MEP-5SA for measuring capacitance and tangent of the insulation loss angle of bushings.
  • 2018 – creation of a mobile sprinkler unit for testing bushings in the test center of the plant.
  • 2020 – creation of a system for forced cooling of oil in a tank for testing bushings for thermal stability.
  • 2021 – supply of a high-voltage AC bridge MEP-6IS for the test laboratory.

We hope that the plant will continue its headlong development and creation of innovative products, and the list of our joint developments will expand.

Best wishes to the entire team!


UNCOMTECH staff members

Izolyator is 125 years old !!!

We sincerely congratulate the Izolyator staff on this important anniversary! In fact, Izolyator is the same age as the Russian electrical engineering industry!

And in the pre-revolutionary times, and in the Soviet years, and in the new Russia - the enterprise has always played an important role in the development of high-voltage insulating equipment in the country.

Such a long and successful work is the result of the efforts of many generations of employees. The current staff of the enterprise continues to actively develop the high-voltage technology. We are sincerely glad to see Izolyator as a responsible partner who looks to the future with optimism and builds its foundation in the present. Our joint project to create a domestic 110-220 kV cable system using cables manufactured by the Kirskabel plant and cable fittings manufactured by Izolyator is another step towards the implementation of a more ambitious task - the creation of a 550 kV cable system, the components of which will be designed and produced in Russia, assembled by the efforts of domestic specialists.

The achieved results testify to the right and responsible approach to business, a high level of organization of the production process, talent and experience of managers.

We thank you for your cooperation, and with all our hearts we wish you further prosperity, financial stability, reliable partners, strong team members, successful projects and a favorable economic climate.

And, to all employees and veterans of the enterprise, as well as their families – wishes of good health, professional achievements, personal well-being and further success!


Stepan Biryukov

President of SP Stan-Komplekt

Please accept our congratulations on the anniversary of the IZOLYATOR company!

125 years is not just a figure, it is a whole history of the development of the plant from the porcelain sheds manufacture to high-voltage bushings of 1150 kV, and it is, first of all, the history of human destinies of many generations.

The launch in 2007 of an advanced high-tech complex "from scratch" testifies to the high technical and organizational level of the enterprise, the embodiment of all modern technologies and in-house developments and preserving the long-term traditions of the team.

We are proud of our 25 years of cooperation with the IZOLYATOR company! Over the years, bushings from 20 to 750 kV, ranging from oil-in-paper to RIN insulation, have been supplied to hundreds of enterprises. Here I would like to especially thank all divisions of the company for the speed and high professionalism in solving all issues.

We wish the entire team to remain a united, friendly team of purposeful people who can handle everything. Develop, strive for new heights, new victories. Let all the undertakings of the plant staff be crowned with success. Let the business of the company live for more than one century and leave joy to people.


The team of UE Sagrat

Let us congratulate you and your team on the 125th anniversary!

The anniversary is not only another date, it is a new stage, an occasion to total up the work done and set new long-term goals. Today, thanks to a well-coordinated workforce, the stable production delivers a great number of products, unstopping to modernize production. The quality of the company products has been repeatedly awarded with diplomas and medals of regional and all-Russian exhibitions.

Dear heroes of the day, on this great day, please accept gratitude for your conscientious work!

I wish you good health, preservation of production traditions and capabilities, accomplishment of plans and a confident look into the future!

We wish you a festive mood!


Tamaz Sharikadze

Director at Aetos LLC

On behalf of the staff of Aetos LLC and on my own behalf, I congratulate the entire staff of Izolyator on the 125th anniversary of its foundation.

Thanks to the accumulated experience, competent management, unique technologies, and a close-knit team of Izolyator, it successfully supplies high-quality and reliable products to most power facilities in Russia, neighboring countries and more than 30 countries around the world.

Izolyator has come a long and glorious way: from its founding at the end of the 19th century through rapid development in the second half of the 20th century to renovation and modernization of today.

We are proud to work with your Company and believe that our cooperation is an example of reliable and successful business interaction.

We wish your Company to write many more glorious pages in its history, to multiply the number of victories and achievements. I wish the whole team health, happiness, optimism and confidence in the future.


Ivan Boyarshin

Head of Representative Office Weidmann Electrical Technology AG

On behalf of the Weidmann group, I would like to congratulate the friendly staff of Izolyator on the 125th anniversary!

Our companies have been successfully cooperating for over 20 years and, as of today, Izolyator is one of our most important partners in terms of supplies of insulating materials, in particular, crepe paper.

I cannot fail to note that, over the entire period of our cooperation, your company has constantly confirmed the status of a stable, reliable and professional partner, who strictly fulfills all business obligations. Your colleagues have demonstrated flexibility in approaches, the ability to quickly make adequate decisions, which is reflected both in successful activity in the market and in the stable improvement of technological processes in production.

We are confident that Izolyator products meet the level of the world's leading manufacturers.

Our company clearly sees the high potential of the Izolyator team and its focus on the further development of the company.

We would like to wish you and all colleagues the accomplishment of your plans, as well as permanent and reliable partners who will help your company to achieve success in all endeavors.

May the spirit of creativity always reign in your company, the desire to conquer new heights, hone skills and professionalism. We are sure that you will be able to add many more glorious pages to the history of Izolyator, multiplying the already existing victories and achievements.


Alexander Timofeev

Director at Splav-DMZ LLC

Splav - DMZ LLC has been cooperating with Zavod Izolyator LLC for over 20 years. During our joint work, a considerable number of complex components have been introduced in our range, which have been successfully mastered in our production for use in your high-tech products, which are vital both for our country and abroad.

Realizing the importance of this, Splav - DMZ tries to do everything possible to ensure that our products contribute to the competitiveness of your equipment in the electric power market.

We are proud of our long-term cooperation with Izolyator plant and believe that our partnership is an example of reliable and business-like interaction.

On this remarkable day of the 125th anniversary of Izolyator plant, we wish you a confident movement forward, an increase in production capacity, new customers and reliable partners, and the whole team - inexhaustible energy and the necessary opportunities to implement professional plans. Such an impressive date speaks of the importance of the enterprise, the ability to preserve production traditions and work in any economic conditions. It inspires admiration, indeed!



The international logistics company KRAFTTRANS sincerely congratulates the Izolyator team on the 125th anniversary!

During our cooperation, we witnessed that your company rightfully occupies a leading position in the production of high-voltage bushings in Russia, and contributes to the development of the energy industry.

Undoubtedly, the achieved success is primarily the result of high professionalism and dedication of the company's team. Therefore, KRAFTTRANS wishes personal and professional victories, peace and prosperity, happiness and good health to all your employees, their families and friends!

Marking this memorable date, I would like to thank you for the fruitful joint work. We are sincerely glad to cooperate with the largest manufacturer in its field, which gives us a reason to be proud. You are not just a partner for us, but a motivator for further development!

We have managed to build a trusting partnership, proven not only by time, but also by the successful implementation of complex projects.

Let the achieved milestone become the starting point for new ambitious plans and movement forward! Further prosperity, new opportunities for expanding cooperation in various fields.

And the path of the company with a century-long history - be bright and unsurpassed!


Alexey Kushnerenko
CEO of Pervaya Oranzhevaya Kompaniya


Pervaya Oranzhevaya Kompaniya congratulates the management and staff of Izolyator plant on the anniversary date, the 125th anniversary of continuous production activity.

We wish you many, many years of successful activity, to just as effectively continue to keep up with the times, grasping the needs of the present and the future.

Separately, I would like to congratulate the staff of the plant, with whom it is very pleasant to work. Strict, demanding, responsible, well-versed in their business.

A competent management team, a professional team, reliable partners, we wish you to preserve for a long time the balance built over many years, thanks to which Izolyator will celebrate its 125th anniversary on June 6.

Pervaya Oranzhevaya Kompaniya is a long-term logistics partner of Izolyator plant and is determined to remain so for many years.

Happy Birthday!


Dmitry Lagun
Chairman of the Board of Directors of AsstrA-Associated Traffic AG

On behalf of the international logistics group of companies AsstrA-Associated Traffic, we congratulate Izolyator on its 125th anniversary!

Thank you for the fruitful cooperation and we wish you active development, prosperity, stable financial growth and interesting, socially significant projects. And also to continue to maintain a leading position in the high-voltage insulation equipment market.


Ekaterina Guseva

CEO of the publishing house

On behalf of the editorial board of the ELECTRIC ENERGY. Transfer and distribution Magazine, I cordially congratulate the Izolyator team and you personally on a significant anniversary - the 125th anniversary of the founding of the enterprise!

Over its more than a century history, the plant has established itself not only as a reliable supplier of modern and top quality high-voltage insulation equipment - at all times the enterprise has been the flagship of scientific and technical progress in the field of power equipment, actively engaging in the most ambitious energy projects and programs.

Today, the activity of the Izolyator plant extends far beyond the borders of our country. Your products are known and in demand in many countries of the world, and individual technical solutions have become the basis for the development of international standards. Diversified scientific activities in domestic and international circles, as well as a number of educational programs implemented by Izolyator plant in order to train new highly qualified specialists are of great value for further scientific and technological development.

As a representative of the industry media, I would like to express special gratitude to you and the entire Izolyator team for your active participation in all events aimed at exchanging best practices between industry experts, relevant and interesting materials that contribute to the development of competences of power industry specialists.

With all my heart I wish Izolyator plant further development in all areas of activity, good health and long years to all employees and veterans of the enterprise and their families!